Alon Nachmany — Cybersecurity Tips While Working Remotely

During 2021, cybersecurity’s crucial position in preserving our privacy, privileges, liberties, and all up to and including our physical protection will be more prominent than ever. More and more of our critical infrastructure is coming online and open to digital threats, data breaches are becoming more frequent and larger involving the leak of personal information, and there is a rising knowledge of political interference and cyber attacks sanctioned by the state. Alon Nachmany has spent his whole life working on cybersecurity ventures, and he can offer you the experience to help in protect your business. The importance of cybersecurity, he suggests, is undoubtedly a growing matter of public concern. In order to remain linked and collaborate throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, cyber actors are taking advantage of the environment becoming increasingly dependent on the Internet and virtual communications. According to a study by Atlas VPN, a company that provides tools to make internet connections more stable, the number of phishing websites increased by 350 per cent from January to March during Covid — 19 pandemic. The FBI also warned Americans that COVID-19 is being leveraged by scammers to steal money and personal data.

Alon Nachmany — Cybersecurity Tips While Working Remotely

Therefore, Here are some tips while working remotely -

  • Invest in robust antivirus software
    By far the simplest, but nonetheless one of the most important pieces of advice out there is to invest in a robust antivirus suite for you and your employees. The estimated global harm to corporations as a result of cybercrime is estimated to be $1.5 billion per annum, according to reports. This number is very likely to increase this year, as hackers are looking to exploit the home internet networks of people and business VPNs to gain access to sensitive files. These attacks could leave ransomware attacks, DDoS attacks, malware, spyware and other forms of breaches accessible to you, your company and your workers.
  • Protect your wireless home network
    Enhancing the safety of your home Wi-Fi network is one of the best ways to guarantee your safety and security while working from home. This data should be passed on to any employee who might also need to protect their home Wi-Fi networks while working from home. To boost the protection of your Wi-Fi network at home and protect yourself from forced entries, here are some easy measures you can take today:
    1. Build a password that is powerful, special,
    2. Allow encryption for the network
    3. Update the firmware
    4. Change your SSID
  • Be aware of security threats from video conferencing
    For the near future, if your workforce is going to be based at home, it is possible that you and your staff will rely on video conferencing tools. You may have learned, however, that some video conferencing providers have recently suffered breaches of security. The famous Zoom video conferencing platform has acknowledged that security vulnerabilities are being fixed urgently in its software, and the CEO of the company has pooled all resources to focus on improving privacy and security. The threats to your business are that, classified details about your company and/or your clients could be leaked if your video conferences are invaded and monitored. Your workers can also suffer from hackers’ personal and potentially traumatizing assaults. Alon Nachmany suggests maintaining private meetings, either by having an entrance password or by monitoring guest access from a waiting room.
  • Make sure you have strong and stable passwords.
    Strengthening your passwords and ensuring that you have maximized password protection across your devices is one of the easiest but often ignored ways to protect yourself while working from home. Recommends Alon For all your computers and software, use passwords. Make sure you have long, powerful and special passwords: at least 12 characters, which are a mix of numbers, symbols, letters in capital and lower case. Any time you access your laptop and other devices, Alon also suggests adding a password screen, so that if your computer is damaged or falls into the wrong hands, it will be harder for a third party to access your confidential data.
Alon Nachmany — Cybersecurity Tips While Working From Home

Alon Nachmany has the expertise and knowledge to share that can make a difference in the IT protection of your company. For hundreds of Fortune 50 and Fortune 100 businesses, as well as SMBs and startups, he has already done this. For the Prediction of the Year, Alon was named “IT psychic of the Year” at CISOmiami 2020.

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